Quality control

Quality is the No. 1 priority through out the whole company. Our quality control begins from the subcontractor sourcing and materials sourcing stage. 
We currently work with over 15 subcontractors. All those subcontractors are under our strict inspection. All of them have cooperated with us for years. 
While many have worked with us for extended time and many work exclusively for us – they are like our own.   

All materials such as fabrics and trimmings are purchased by our dedicated purchasing department to ensure the best quality. 

Of the past 8 years we have developed a large network of suppliers, which includes some of the top fabrics and trimmings suppliers in China. 
When it comes to the manufacturing stage, a special team spends most of its time in factories, checking quality while in production, and again before delivery. At the mean time all delivery will be spot checked again in the warehouse. We process an effective penalty and reward system based on quality rewards the manufacturers who provides the best quality; punishes and phases out the ones who don’t. 

A QC team is formed to inspect and control the quality in whole.   
In 2001 PacLantic has passed the ISO 9001 certification, all the products produced by PacLantic is now certified by the international quality standard.

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